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“UNTITLED” solo exhibition by Baiba Priedīte

Baibas Priedīte’s latest solo exhibition UNTITLED is on display from 23 November 2020 till 31 January 2021 in “Vārpa” Culture Centre of Daugavpils Region (Dobeles Str. 30, Daugavpils, Latvia) The works contain abstract visual information that does not encourage the perception of the author’s message, but gives the viewer the opportunity to take a journeyContinue reading ““UNTITLED” solo exhibition by Baiba Priedīte”

Printmaking Studio Program of Graphic Art

First printmaking studio program of Graphic Art took place from 1 September 2020 until 20 November 2020. Participating Artists: Oksana Vronska, Imants Haņeckis, Santa Suhanova, Pāvels Terentjevs, Baiba Priedīte and Aivars Baranovskis.

Autumn Exhibition “Horizon. Heaven’s side”

Artists Māris Čačka and Baiba Priedīte took part in “Horizon. Heaven’s side” exhibition at the Latgale Cultural History Museum in Rēzekne, Latvia (Atbrīvošanas aleja 102). Congrats! Exhibition is on display from 17 November 2020 till 30 January 2021.

SIVIA Residence 2020

This autumn in Daugavpils has been opened a new residence for artists.  From 15 September to 14 October as the first residence was attended by Latvian artist Sigita Daugule. In addition, from 15 October till 14 November  Latvian artist Elīna Titāne took part in the residence. Daugavpils gives inspiration and strength to the heights ofContinue reading “SIVIA Residence 2020”

Solo exhibition of the artist Sigita Daugule “Painting”

Solo exhibition of the artist Sigita Daugule “Painting” is on display from 13 November 2020 till 31 January 2021 in Jūrmala at the art station “Dubulti”. Congratulations from SIVIA Gallery team! The curator of the exhibition is Inga Šteimane. Photo by Māris Čačka


Māris Čačka’s latest solo show IN REFLECTION is an abstract visualisation of the author’s subjective fleeting experiences and his individual take on the things that happen around him. As such, it reveals to the viewer the artist’s personal history, or his reflections about public and domestic life, about successes and failures, portrayed as personal gainsContinue reading “IN REFLECTION”


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