Māris Čačka

Latvian artist Māris Čačka has created a unique hybridical method of abstract expression that integrates painting and graphic art. Works are multilayered in terms of technical explanation and content. They occur as imaginary dialogues between the author and his contemporaries about the sense of the world. An intuitive expression has been aimed at achieving emotional harmony. It finds the potential of openness, both for decorative construction and for symbolic message, of various elements – color, dark and bright areas, and the structures of rhythm.

Art Historian Inga Šteimane

Māris Čačka born in 1976 in Varakļāni. He received the Master of Arts degree (2011) and Doctor of Arts Education degree (2009) at Daugavpils University. Head of the Association of Art Educators in Daugavpils. Member of the “Grafikas kamera” (Chamber of Graphic Art). His works have been exhibited since 1997 in Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine and Poland. He organized more than ten solo exhibitions, among them the “Undefined, Defined and Told” in Daugavpils, Rēzekne, Valka, Panevezys (Lithuania) and Hamburg Pashmin Art Gallery in 2016-2017. The solo exhibition “Definite And Indefinite Dialogues” at the Art Station Dubulti curated by Inga Šteimane in 2018. The solo exhibition “Dialogues. Parallels. Dimensions” at the National Contemporary art centre in Belarus (Minsk) and Madona Museum of Local History and Art in 2019-2020.

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