Baiba Priedīte

Baiba’s watercolours are a universal message to the viewer in the language of archetypes.

Archetype, a strange word or an incomprehensible process? It is a company of images, symbols and plots, all swirling in endless dance. Their dance floor is the collective subconscious of humanity. The movements and interactions of these entities are clear to anyone anywhere in the world, without a single word spoken. Baiba’s work is a direct appeal to the human soul, wherever it may be or whomever it may belong to. It poses a complex and absorbing task – to invent a method for transmitting the artistic essence of feelings and moods into the eyes, minds and hearts of people. In these works, abstract visual information does not ask for self-reflection. Instead, it calls for jumping in, diving in head first, much like plunging into music or scent. Catching the author’s message and stepping onto a secret inner shore, rich in impressions and emotions.

Each of the watercolours is filled with adventure and feeling. They give the viewer a simple and original opportunity to make a journey deep within, to the inner source of their imagination. And it is always exciting to wonder what you will see or whom you will meet this time behind clouds of colour and mists of form.

Ksenia Schinkowskaya

Baiba Priedīte born in 1978 in Ilūkste. She received the Master of Arts degree (2011) and Master of Arts Education degree (2004) at Daugavpils University. Member of the Association of Art Educators in Daugavpils. Member of Latvian artist’s Union.  Her works have been exhibited since 1998 in Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and Poland. She organized eight solo exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. The solo exhibitions “Walls” at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko art centre and “Glances ” at the Vitebsk Art Museum (Belarus), Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library (Lithuania)  curated by  Māris Čačka in 2019.

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