Group exhibition “VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS 2”

From 24 March to 6 May 2023, SIVIA will produce “Visions and Thresholds 2” – a group exhibition by three Latvian artists: Sigita Daugule, Vineta Kaulača and Māris Čačka.

The official opening and meet-the-artists event will be held on 24 March.

The project is funded by the Stadtgalerie – Kunsthaus Weiz, Weiz municipality, ARTECON and the Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation.

11th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium

SIVIA has once again partnered with the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre to produce the 11th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium. The 2023 group of participants includes nine artists from five countries – Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Latvia. The symposium has brought together Robert Rabiej PL, Kamil Adamus PL, Zenon Balcer PL, Inara Petrusevich LV, Liena Bondare LV, Siddharth Pathak NL, Ineke Domke DE, Gianluca Arienti IT and Marco Poma IT.

The symposium runs from 10 to 24 March 2023. It was officially opened on 11 March with the exhibition “Permanence” by Vitolds Svirskis (1918–1991), a prolific graphic artist and a native of Daugavpils.


We are happy to introduce our latest group exhibition “Visions and thresholds” in cooperation with Pashmin Art Gallery. Starting from 4 February until 25 February 2023 the exhibition of 3 Latvian artists – Māris Čačka, Sigita Daugule and Vineta Kaulača will be on display at Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.

More info: Pashmin Ar Gallery


“NOTES” solo exhibition by Māris Čačka

“My work is constantly changing, and so am I, through new experiences, conversations and developments following up past initiatives. Nature, people and the myriad things happening all around me are the principal triggers for my creativity located at the juncture of painting and graphic art, although, inevitably, my spirits and creative processes are now materially dampened by the war in Ukraine,” admits the artist, Māris Čačka.

Čačka’s creative output over the past couple of years maps significant finds on his individual artistic journey, leaving meaningful marks in the cultural landscape through numerous powerful exhibitions, where his prolific creative mind keeps developing new forms of expression emerging from earlier compositions. The artist continues to speak about the endless river of information bits and images inundating our perception in a world of countless suspended thoughts, erratic actions and overwhelming temptations.

This theme was especially strong in the author’s largest solo show to date – “Neuro-Pathways”, which ran at the Rīga Art Space exhibition hall in February and March 2022. To quote from its curator, art historian Inga Šteimaine: “Čačka’s work is a palpable visual metaphor for this current state, when an abundance of goals and interferences break out into sudden and surprising reactions, fragmenting and traumatising our ideas, creating an “impossible” technological mix, forgetting historical boundaries and forming unprecedented hybrids. Our ancient brains, which have humanised us by their tendency to perceive the “insignificant,” continue to do so today, but in the age of technology, the information flow becomes disproportionate and keeps “hurling” our minds through thousands of neuro-pathways.”

How far do these pathways go, and what is their topography in the artist’s creative output? The question remains open, but one thing is clear – Čačka stays true to his chosen path and direction and keeps producing striking visual records of his artistic thought and subconscious insights.

Zane Melāne

Māris Čačka’s solo exhibition NOTES is on display from 18 January till 1 April 2023 at the MIKC Daugavpils Design and Art Secondar School “Saules Skola”
Opening of exhibition: January 18 at 1PM

 OPEN CALL for 11th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium

SIVIA and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre invites artists to participate in the 11th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium.

Place and time of the symposium: Daugavpils, Latvia, March 10 – 24, 2023

Participants of the symposium: 10 professional artists will take part in the symposium. The selection of participants will be competition-based, taking into consideration the submitted materials (application form, CV, portfolio – visual information which meets the below mentioned requirements).

To apply for Symposium, applicant has to complete application form below till  January 31, 2023.


“Landscape. Time. Line” solo exhibition by Beate Gjersvold

From 22 October 2022 until 30 March 2023 is on display Beate Gjersvold’s exhibition at  Daugavpils Palace of Culture. 

What is TIME? There is no simple explanation for the concept. It is hard to define and understand. Philosophy, religion, science and arts all have different definitions. Is it literally possible to measure Time? We have clocks and a system based on seconds, minutes and hours, and still, we can’t define it exactly. What is five minutes? And five hours? We have all experienced Time passing slowly or running fast. Sometimes one hour feels like two. Or the other way round.

In my landscape paintings, I use watercolour to contemplate what I call “the traces of Time”, drawing inspiration from the forms, colours and objects in nature. I focus on everything that creates lines in a landscape – the stripes left by planes in the blue sky… the pattern of power lines against the clouds… poles, trees and branches… architecture… the horizon… silhouettes and formations. On an abstract level, the physical lines I paint can also be interpreted as timelines. Through them, I capture the feeling of passing Time. Some of my works contain nothing but lines and have time-related titles. So, in a sense, I create compositions with both lines and words. All languages have myriad words related to the concept of TIME, such as past, present, future, hour, minute, clock, tomorrow, fast, slow and many more. Over the past three years, I have delved deep into the concept of TIME. And still, I grapple with the ultimate question: what is TIME? It is difficult to understand what it really means. We are all familiar with Time, yet it remains a perpetual mystery.

Beate Gjersvold

Exhibition is produced by SIVIA Gallery

Organizers: Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils Palace of Culture