The artist’s letterpress compositions are conceptual illustrations of dialogue conversations in different temporal parallels and spatial dimensions. The artist collects human stories, stories of life, encounters and exchanges expressed in dialogue form. These stories illustrate experiences rather than events; they are abstract portrayals of encounters and ensuing dialogues. The viewer is offered a different story about people, related strings of experience and dialogues, all of which have been passed through the prism of the artist’s innermost feelings and his perception of reality, which enables the viewed to gaze at these stories rather than read them.

The exhibition “DIALOGUES. PARALLELS. DIMENSIONS” contains the artist’s latest expressly created series of large-scale canvasses and select artwork from his recent/previous one-man shows – “Definite and Indefinite Dialogues” (2018) and “Indefinite, Definite and told” (2016). This selection paints a striking picture of the artist’s unique, individual approach by means of which words and letters are integrated into text-like patterns that emerge from sequences of colour and graphical rhythms. The artist works on canvas in a new author’s technique that integrates painting and graphic art.

Humans and human affairs are the core themes in the artist’s compositions, in which he captures subjectively experienced moments in an abstract visual form, illustrating a certain social milieu, whose intricacies are reflected in standalone works or series. In a sense, his work resembles a diary or a set of records about nearby people.

Maris Čačka was born in 1976 in Varakļāni, Latvia. His active years as exhibiting artist and art educator began in 1997. Since then, he has participated in over 80 exhibitions, including 19 one man shows in Latvia and abroad. His work has been exhibited in Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine and Poland. At the moment, he holds the position of creative director at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Arts Centre. Since 2004, he has curated more than 60 art projects and international symposia. He is the current head of Latvian Association of Art Educators besides membership in Latvian Artists’ Union and Latvian Chamber of Graphic Art. His work is held in museums and private collections in Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, the UK, Norway and elsewhere.

Tatjana Černova



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